Top Impact Windows and Doors in Miami for Safety and Style

Upgrade your home’s value quickly and easily with impact windows and doors. No need to stress – just read this page and you’ll be on your way to a worry-free upgrade process.

impact windows
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Fix Up roofing is a company I highly recommend. Customer service was superb. Job was done in a timely manner and very professional and clean. My project manager was very thorough... Ask for Konstantinos
Frank Kujawa
Frank Kujawa
30 May 2024
Muy buena atencion y professionalism they did my metal roof in very little time I recommend then.
Nicholas Mejia
Nicholas Mejia
29 May 2024
mi experiencia con esta compañia fue muy profesional los muchachos trabajaron muy limpio y organizado realizaron mi techo de metal en tiempo record gracias por mi nuevo techo los recomiendo 100 porciento.
alexi hernandes
alexi hernandes
23 May 2024
Esta compañía realizó mi techo de shingle el seńor emilio siempre me contestó el teléfono en todo momento a toda hora que lo llamaba inclusive en la noche para hacer preguntas de mi proyecto está compañía me brindó un servicio de la más alta calidad tuve mala experiencia en el pasado con otros contratistas pero Fix up Roofing me demostró que todavía existen compańias de la más alta calidad los recomiendo mil por ciento no duden en llamarlos en especial a Emilio.
rolando riera
rolando riera
23 May 2024
Excelente servicio!! Muy eficientes y rápidos!! Konstantino hizo el proceso fácil, nos dio una excelente atención, estuvo muy atento y siempre respondió todas nuestras preguntas. Lo recomiendo 💯
Jeimy Capote
Jeimy Capote
15 May 2024
They work quickly, my roof was perfect. I highly recommend them.
10 May 2024
La compañía fix up realizó mi techo plano, me garantizaron terminar el proyecto en 30 días y cumplieron con su palabra. Agradezco esta compañía for la formalidad del trabajo en especial al señor Emilio gracias por todo.
Walterio Jimenez
Walterio Jimenez
8 May 2024
¡Claro! Aquí tienes un ejemplo de una excelente reseña para un servicio al cliente: "¡Quiero destacar el increíble servicio al cliente que recibí! Desde el primer contacto hasta la resolución de mi problema, el equipo fue profesional, amable y eficiente. Me sentí valorado como cliente y el trabajo fue abordado de manera rápida y efectiva. ¡Definitivamente recomendaré este servicio a otros!"
Marla Quintero
Marla Quintero
7 May 2024
Excelente servicio, me gusto mucho los acabados y la profesionalidad del trabajo, perfecta puntualidad al llegar y al salí de la obra, muy complacido por el trabajo.
Brandon Tascon
Brandon Tascon
7 May 2024
Súper profesionales!!! I love their work! Thanks for let my home looking great!!
Gabriela Figueroa Hernández
Gabriela Figueroa Hernández
7 May 2024

Are You Ready for a Home Upgrade That Truly Shines?

Are you a homeowner eager to enhance your living space with gorgeous windows and doors? Maybe you’ve thought about giving your property a facelift but don’t know where to find the right products. 

Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the idea of big renovations. And right now, the thought of transforming your home seems formidable.

In short, you’re a homeowner seeking real solutions… and Fix Up Roofing and Construction is here to deliver precisely that!

Our Services

Florida Window and Door

Impact Windows and Doors

-Feel the calm during storm season with windows and doors designed to resist fierce winds.
-Cherish the quiet indoors with sound-reducing features.
-Save on energy bills thanks to superior insulation.

French Windows in Miami

French Windows

-Experience the instant upgrade to your property’s curb appeal.
-Revel in the natural light that floods your rooms.
-Evoke a timeless charm that never fails to impress guests.

Fixed Windows in Miami

Fixed Windows

-Gain unobstructed views that make your rooms feel bigger and brighter.
-Benefit from low maintenance — these windows stay clear and clean.
-Feel secure with windows that are built to last.

Single Hung Windows in Miami

Single Hung Windows

-Experience the ease of use with windows that are simple to open and close.
-Enjoy the fresh air on demand, with reliable ventilation that works every time.
-Watch your energy bills drop due to excellent thermal protection.

Sliding Windows in Miami

Horizontal/Sliding Windows

-Relish in the smooth operation and space-saving design.
-Flood your rooms with light while enjoying the ease of maintenance.
-Admire the sleek, contemporary look that complements any style.

Picture Your Home with the Finest Impact Windows and Doors:

Just think about it – having a optimal commercial roof over your business without any hassle:

Elevate your home's safety and style – without those pesky middleman fees.

Harness the beauty of the Sunshine State right from your living room.

Find the perfect impact windows and doors quickly – no matter the weather outside.

Negotiate the best value with your choice of models and features.

Get your new windows and doors installed and relish in the beauty and security they provide.

Does that sound like a dream come true?

We’re excited to present to you our services at Fix Up Roofing and Construction, your go-to for impact windows and impact doors that will change not just the look of your home, but the whole living experience making it safer, quieter, and more beautiful!

impact windows

Get Ready for Top-Tier Windows and Doors – Just for You!

Remember, with Fix Up Roofing and Construction, this is what you’re looking at getting:

Unbeatable Impact Windows and Doors

Classic French Windows

Unchanging beauty with Fixed Windows

Traditional charm of Single Hung Windows

Easy-to-use Horizontal/Sliding Windows

Book Your Window and Door Upgrade Now!

So go ahead and reach out to us now, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the perks we’ve mentioned and so much more! Let’s kick this off today!